SEEKING RAVEN's debut album was published in September 2012 via W.A.R. Productions.

The raven summoned in the band name symbolizes a call of intelligence and magic.

And these attributes can certainly be found in the songs of "Lonely Art":

A raven-cry-intro is followed by an interplay of dynamic elements, eruptive outbursts, magical sounds and mellow parts.

Lyrics dealing with personal abysses, nature and longing for the same, human life and death - a broad field packed into catchy songs that reach from rock with a progressive direction over emotional ballads to hard metal passages that even touch the borders of Folk, Jazz or Classical Music but never neglect their stirring melodies.





Mere genre-descriptions don't do the music of


Every song tells its own story, bringing it to life through an atmospheric sound as well as epic, catchy melodies.

Always interesting instrumentals meet particular elaborate vocal work which makes the result sometimes powerful-energetic, sometimes playfully-avantgarde or melancholic.


The band consisting of frontman János Romualdo Krusenbaum on vocals, guitars & keyboard, guitarist Max Krüger, bassist Jan Jerig and drummer Martin Zang can already look back on an impressive history, having toured all across Germany and Europe and playing support for acts like Blaze Bayley (Ex-Wolfbane, Iron Maiden) or ZP Theart's (Ex-Dragonforce) I Am I.


On September 30th, 2016 the group released their long-awaited second album worldwide which was enthusiasticly by the press and garnered "Album Of The Month"-titles numerous times.




With SEEKING RAVEN's "The Ending Collage" János R. Krusenbaum manifests his dream of good, complex music like he implied before: "For me the original intention behind it all was to create art - albums as visions that deserve to be listened to from start to finish, that contain a certain depth, a meaning and honesty."

The album that was produced by János himself and mastered once again by James Strickler in the States tells tales of a dying world that gets replaced by a new one and the feelings and experiences of the persons within this utopia.

"The Ending Collage" was released on September 30th, 2016 via Dr. Music Records.